Monday, July 15

U.S. psychological war propaganda against Chinese vaccines: Chinese embassy

A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines stated that individuals around the world are annoyed about reports of the U.S. psychological war propaganda targeted at discrediting Chinese vaccines run by its military wing.

As per the statement released on Tuesday, these malicious actions by the U.S. military expose the piousness, hateful intent, and double standards of the United States. The statement stressed that China, as a responsible major country, provided global public goods such as vaccines to other countries during the COVID-19 pandemic. It noted that China was the first to supply COVID-19 response materials and vaccines to the Philippines and highlighted the mutual support and goodwill between China and the Philippines in resisting the pandemic, contributing significantly to the global fight against the virus.

Credit: Ezra Acayan/Getty Images
Credit: Ezra Acayan/Getty Images

On the contrary, the cooperation was constantly under threat due to roadblocks & challenges by a third country & it’s elite forces, the statement said.
“Of course, such a plot was doomed to fail as it went against the interests of the Chinese and Filipino peoples,” it added.
The statement criticized the United States for frequently discussing human rights while acting contrary to the fundamental human rights of life and health of the Filipino people.
Though United states always boast about their all-weather commitment to its allies, the United States pursued an “America First” policy during critical moments of the pandemic, exploiting the vulnerability of the Filipino people for its ulterior geopolitical motives, the statement continued.

U.S. psychological war propaganda

“By denying access to Chinese assistance and defying global public opinion, the United States dares to spread rumors and spin stories on major global public health issues, including the vaccine,” it said.

“We hope that the United States will act as it claims to be and stop fabricating and spreading disinformation against other countries. It should shoulder the responsibility of a major country, truly respect other countries’ efforts in safeguarding people’s health, well-being, and regional peace and stability,” the statement concluded.

Chinese spokesperson in the Philippines pointed out that if the United States conducted a secret disinformation campaign in continuation to the U.S. psychological war propaganda to discredit Chinese vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic, it could potentially run another campaign to portray China as a “bully” in the South China Sea.

In response, the Chinese embassy in the Philippines encourage the people of both nations to remain alert, resist disinformation and inflammatory rhetoric, chose their own fate, and protect China-Philippines relations as well as peace and stability in the South China Sea.

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